Trail upgrades. Charles Darwin and Lee Point


Hi All Darwin Mountain Bikers.

Trail upgrades to the Charles Darwin (CDNP) and Lee Point (CCR) trails networks.

This is a significant investment by PWCNT and the NTG to our formalised trail network and we thank them for it.

This will include new trails, upgrades and all weathering of existing trails, re-routing, trail rationalisation and signage.

There will be minor trail closures as part of this, mainly of unsustainable trails, or part of the trail network rationalisation.


DORC has been significantly involved in the development of the scope of works for the contract with Trailscapes (SA) which has commenced yesterday, Monday the 23rd July and the duration of the contract is 14 weeks.

During this period a majority of trails in both areas will have some work on them including the Pumphouse trails.

Trailscapes’ programme will be finalised over the next week and more detail will be advised as it becomes available.

The plan is as follows:

  • They will have three crews working between Charles Darwin and Lee Point.
  • Each crew will work on a “Trail” and during this time that trail will be closed. The intention is to complete all work including signage, then open the “trail” before moving onto the next trail, this will minimise the amount of the network that is closed at any one time.
  • DORC will be providing update when they become available.


We all need your help (Trailscape, DORC and PWCNT) during the coming 14 weeks:

  • Never cross any trail closure signage, no matter your curiosity. This is for your and the work crews safety. (This was a significant problem during the construction of the Lee Point trails, Spitfire and Wirraway)
  • Please be patience whilst the closure are in place, as the aim is to make the trails more sustainable and durable for most weather conditions into the future. (Except for the grass and growth encroaching on the trails, that is the responsibility of all riders and will be coordinated by DORC)
  • Please don’t approach TrailScapes (The Contractor). This is a project that is being Managed by The Department of Infrastructure and Planning on behalf of Parks and Wildlife Commission NT (PWCNT).  PWCNT have a Technical expert which will be signing off on all works, with support from DORC as required.


Thanks to all for your support and I’m like you very excited to get out and ride our trails once they are finished.


  • Be a DORC, Support your club that is supporting your trails.

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