The Pine Forest Mystery Pairs Race-22/10/17

It’s a mystery as you will be paired up with someone you potentially have never met before. It’s a mystery because you’ll be riding on a new section in the Pine Forest.

Here’s the format, ENTER (ONLINE ONLY). Your name will be assigned a number, it will then be ran through our mysterious partner generator. You’ll then meet and greet your partner for the day and work out your strategy!! Who will do first lap? Who will trash talk opposing teams? Who’s shout is it for post race beers (or soft drink) and BBQ? All those sorts of important things. The course is approximately 4.6 Km long and each rider will complete 3 laps each. This event is aimed at maximum fun on an achievable course for all levels of riders.

Meeting point will be the corner of Howard springs road and Stow road. Sign on and plate collection at 3:30 PM racing starts at 4:30 PM


Not a member of DORC? No worries. Day licenses are available in the entry link. We would love to see you join our club though. Click HERE to view membership types and click HERE to see membership benefits.

More info contact Kevin Wells 0410249593 or Andrew Goldsworthy 0417087602

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