Social Ride

As we all should know, the Monsoon Madness pairs race will be held this Sunday afternoon 11 Nov 18, at Lee Point. If you haven’t registered yet click here.

DORC will host a nice easy social ride around the Old Pine Forest on Saturday afternoon 10 Nov 18, just to stretch those legs  leading up to the race.  This will  give you Sunday morning to race prep your bike.

Meeting time will be at 4:45 for 5:00pm starting from the entry point to the Old Pine Forest, Howard Springs Road. This is approx 300 meters past the Stow Road intersection, on the left hand side of Howard Springs Road

This will be an easy paced ride, suitable for all riders, with plenty of stops to regroup. The duration will be approx 1.5 hours. If you have been thinking about joining the social rides and are unsure about the trails or staying with the group. This is a great  ride to get you started.

All the usual details apply. You will need a MTB in good working order, helmet, gloves, enclosed footwear, any spares that you might require and plenty of water to last the duration of the ride.

You do not need to be a member of DORC to participate in these social rides; However, if you are not a member you are riding at your own risk. DORC/MTBA members are covered by injury insurance when riding. Click on the link to #beadorc.

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