Social Ride-Saturday 13/5/2017

This Saturday the 13th of May at 5:00, Keogh will be leading a social ride around the course for the Cycle Zone Darwin 3 hour race to be held on the 27th of May (Registration will be opening shortly)
This will be a social ride so there will be plenty of chances to stop and catch your breath and have a drink ,Ride starts at the corner of Howard Springs and Gunn Point rd at the New Pine Forest (The Old Shed)
Helmets a must, and enough water to last you around 2 hours, pump and spares recommended.
Ride distance will be around the 15-20km mark this will entail 2 laps around the race course and a bit of riding around some of the other trails, any questions please feel free to ring Keogh on 0428821360

2 thoughts on “Social Ride-Saturday 13/5/2017

  1. Finally I can make one of your clubs sessions, shift work been getting in the way of good riding..saturday sounds good

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