Saturday Social Ride

Every Saturday afternoon DORC host a social mountain bike ride in different locations around the Darwin area. The aim of these rides is to get all level riders together to enjoy our sport and trails in a friendly supportive environment. These rides can help familiarise you with our local trail networks and to help you meet other like-minded people.

This Saturday 23rd Feb 19, the ride will be hosted at the New Pine Forest, Howard Springs. We will start the ride from the Howard Springs Rd, Stow Rd intersect at 4:45 for a 5:00 pm start.

The ride will be at an easy pace and go for approx 1.5 hrs with plenty of breaks along the way.

You will need a mtb in good working order, a helmet, enclosed footwear, gloves and plenty of water. Also bring along things you may need to keep you going. For example spare tube, tools, pump, etc.

For insurance purposes, you will need proof of membership with DORC/MTBA or be prepared to sign a waiver.

To become a DORC click here #beadorc

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