Saturday Arvo Social Ride

The DORC Saturday arvo social ride will be at the New Pine Forest this week. We will be meeting at the Stow Rd entrance. This is at the intersection of Howard Springs Rd and Stow Rd. Please be there Sat 1st Sep at 4:45 for a 5:00 pm start.

The new pine forest is suitable for all level of riders and there will be plenty of breaks to regroup along the way.

Duration of the ride will be approx 1.5 – 2 hrs, depending on the available light at that time of the evening.

You will need a MTB in good working order, helmet, gloves and enclosed shoes. Plenty of water is a must as the weather is starting to warm up again. Please bring any spares you may need for the ride,tubes,pumps and tools etc.

All riders are welcome. However; if you are not a DORC/MTBA member you will be riding at your own risk. All DORC/MTBA members are cover for accident insurance during rides.

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