Training Rides – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Charles Darwin National Park

Where: Start at the new trail head sign just inside the main gates.
When: Most Tuesdays & Thursdays. (Ride Starts at 5:45PM Sharp).
How Hard: Training – easy or as hard as you like.
What You Need To Know:  “Most Tuesdays and Thursdays” means that someone is usually riding. Usually not as many people riding from around mid December to February due to the wet weather.

Tuesday rides are especially for beginners, avoiding the trickier trails and provide plenty of stops for catching up. Thursdays for intermediate riders and may go to some of the more technical sections of track.

Charles Darwin National is situated next to a mangrove tidal wetland. There’s usually biting insects at dusk.

Whilst the rides don’t go into the night, you may want to bring lights for the ride home.


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