Howard Springs Pine Forest (East)

Track Name: New Pine Forest

Date: February 2016

Location: Tracks are located on the eastern side of Howard Spring Road.
Parking: Corner of Howard Springs and Stow Road
Distance: ~25km including a ~16km loop in the pine forest.
Direction: Anti-Clockwise (in the pine forest).
Difficulty: Easy.
Surface: Hard packed with loose pea gravel over top.

The 16km loop in the pine forest consists of an easy, fun, flowing track, with a few small jumps along the way. For a longer ride (~25km) park at the corner of Howard Springs and Stow Rd and ride through the natural vegetation before entering the pine forest.

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4 thoughts on “Howard Springs Pine Forest (East)

  1. Just want to say thank you to the great track builders at DORC
    I had awesome fun on both tracks in the Howard Springs pines

    Loved track 2, some great unexpected features on the trails

  2. Really fun flowy track, able to really throw the bike through here with a fair amount of confidence. Still coming to terms with the ball bearing surface.

  3. A maze of awesome flowing trails, jumps and berms. First run today was extended due to confusion at where the exit was, not that I cared. Looking forward to the next visit!
    Loved “The Guts”.

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