Charles Darwin Pump-House Track

Track Name: Pumphouse.

Map updated: February 2016

Distance: 3.5km
Direction: Anticlockwise.
Difficulty: Hard
Surface: Frequently undulating with up/down switchbacks and numerous rocky obstacles. Hard surface.
Warning: Track is best ridden in the dry season, as the long grass during the wet season can make finding the track difficult.
Description: Sometimes also referrred to the “pump track”, for the water supply pumping station this is NOT a pump track as you might expect a series of rollers and berms. It is a techincal, twisty and undulating challenge for skilled riders. Top DORC riders have cleared all obstacles on this trail, but it is very rare for it to happen on a single circuit. Intermediate riders will enjoy this track, keeping in mind there are some obstacles that may be better walked.

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