Leading a DORC Social Ride

Any DORC member can lead a ride, below is a guideline to safely leading a ride and sharing the experience with top end MTB-ers

DORC members leading a social ride are eligible for a $30 voucher from the bike shop of their choice.  To be eligible for the voucher:

  • You need to be a club member;
  • The ride needs to be on a weekend;
  • Only one voucher is available per weekend (not available on race weekends)
  • the club needs to be informed a minimum of a week in advance so we can advertise it.

You may think “I don’t have the skills” or “I’m not quick enough to lead a ride”. If you’re thinking this then you’re missing the point of a social ride! It’s social, its about taking other people around your favorite track, place or pub (if that’s your thing) at a leisurely pace, being social and enjoying the ride for the ride.

Prior to the Day:

Make sure you’re familair with the details on the DORC Social Rides page

Have a plan worked out in your head as where the ride will start and finish from. Also have a technical rating, this will inform other riders what to expect on the day.

  • Easy: A ride for everyone of all abilities, including beginners. There may be a few obstacles that are not too challenging.
  • Medium: A ride for those comfortable on the bike. There will be a few obstacles that may be challenging. Beginners may wish to dismount and walk the bike across some obstacles.
  • Hard (or Difficult): These rides may contain a combination of technically challenging obstacles and/or a high pace or intensity. These rides are typically used for elite riders training for events and races. DORC does not host many hard rides, and generally when we do, there will be an alternate easy or medium ride at around the same time.

Plan the date of the ride (we find Sundays work best) and a start time, either early morning or late afternoon is best to avoid the heat of the day. If it’s going to be along ride (more than two hours of riding) have an idea where water can be topped up.

  1. Check the DORC calendar for any conflicting rides on the day.
  2. Once this is done send the details of the ride in via the form at the bottom of this page at least one week prior – this lets the maximum amount of people know about the ride.

On the Day:

  • Turn up to your nominated starting point 15 mins early.
  • Have your phone with you.
  • Once everyone who is going to turn up has turned up take a head count. This is so when you take a rest you can check if anyone has been left out on the track.
  • Also you will need to find someone who can be a “Sweep” (person to ride last). Make sure they have a phone and give them your number so if they get lost they can call you. Brief them as best as you can on the planned route for the ride!
  • Brief the whole group on intersection etiquette. If arrive at an intersection and there is a possibility of going another way stop, wait till the next person can see the ride direction of turn. Once this person has see the right way to go you may continue, then they wait at the corner for the next person and so forth until the “Sweep” turns up.
  • Also mention in the brief if they want to finish up early they need to tell someone. Otherwise at the next head count you will be missing someone and end up looking for them.
  • Once riding take regular breaks to let the riders re-group and recover –this is also your chance to do a head count.

Remember that it’s a social ride so enjoy the ride with other like minded people.

The Darwin Off Road Cyclists club is not owned by the committee, its owned by “YOU” the club members! So help make DORC a great fun club to be a part of and lead a social ride.

Don’t forget to check the DORC calendar for any conflicting rides on the day.

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We’ll add the ride to the calendar, and get in touch with you to confirm the details.

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