Social Rides

Darwin Off Road Cyclists regularly run rides in the dry season.Check the calendar for date and time details.

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Rides, unless otherwise noted, are on Sunday afternoons, starting at 4.30pm and last about two hours.

Usually, rides will start and finish at the same place, so people can return to their cars. Occasionally there will be point-point rides. These will be noted on the calendar, so those wanting a pick-up at the end can make the necessary arrangements.

What to expect?

The rides are a friendly occasion, riding as a group at locations in the Darwin region, drawing on the local trail knowledge of a number of DORC members. There’s plenty of stops to regroup and catch your breath.

The rides cater for all levels of ability from beginner to expert. The ride difficulty will be noted on the calendar, usually rides will be easy or medium levels of difficulty.

Easy: A ride for everyone of all abilities, including beginners. There may be a few obstacles which are not too challenging.

Medium: A ride for those comfortable on the bike. There will be a few obstacles which may be challenging. Beginners may wish to dismount and walk the bike across some obstacles.

Hard (or Difficult): These rides may contain a combination of technically challenging obstacles and/or a high pace or intensity. These rides are typically used for elite riders training for events and races. DORC does not host many hard rides, and generally when we do, there will be an alternate easy or medium ride at around the same time.

What to bring?

A mountain bike (of course!) in reasonable condition. Bikes of all vintage are found on group rides, from dump shop specials to high-end mountain bikes. The main rule of thumb is you have to be able to trust the bike, and in particular the brakes!

All riders must wear a helmet. Gloves and covered shoes are highly recommended.

Water. Bring enough water for two hours of riding. On many rides we don’t pass any opportunities to refill. A hydration pack (eg Camelbak) is perfect. If you don’t have a hydration pack, we recommend two sports water bottles.

Spares & tools. Try to be self-sufficient. Bring a spare tube and basic tools for your bike.

Sunscreen. Generally, rides are later in the day, but slip/slop/slap is a good idea, particularly if you’re riding to the meeting point.

Mosquito Repellent. If you’re susceptible to mosquitoes or midges you may want to spray on some repellent. Some DORC locations are particularly popular with the biting insects. We have links to the Mosquito and Biting Midge calendars (at the top left of the page), showing when the little biters are particularly busy.

Snacks. Not essential, but some people bring snacks for an energy burst as the ride progresses. Depending on your preference, sweets (snakes are popular), or fruit (such as banana) work well for a quick pick-me-up.

First Aid Basics. A basic first-aid kit.  Just in case.  Suggested items include 1 crepe bandage, wound dressing, band-aids (or similar), triangular bandage.  The St-Johns Standard First Aid Kit is a great prepared solution and can be easily re-packed into a hydration pack.

When out riding

When you’re out riding, remember we’re riding as a group, it’s not a race.  There’s no need to blast by the rider in front of you.  If you’re aware that there’s a group of riders behind you, that’s fine. If they’re distracting you, stop when convenient and let them pass.


When you come to an intersection, check behind and make sure the rider behind can see you.  If you can’t see the rider behind (or are not sure if they’ve seen you).  Stop and wait for them, so everyone knows which way to go.

And finally,

If you’re regularly riding with DORC, you may want to check out the benefits of becoming a member.

If you have any suggestions about rides, or how we can make them better, have a chat to a ride leader or drop us a line on the contact page.

Enjoy the trails!