Saturday Arvo Social Ride

This week the DORC social ride will be a Palmerston urban ride with some of the Mitchel Creek trails thrown in, if time permits.

The ride will start from the Palmerston water tower. Please be there at 4:45pm for a 5:00pm start. The duration will be for 1 – 1.5 hours and is for all level of riders. There will be plenty of stops along the way to regroup.

You will need a MTB in good working order, helmet, enclosed shoes, any spares that you  might need and plenty of water.

You do not need to be a DORC member. However; if you are not a member, you are riding at your own risk. DORC/MTBA members are covered for accident/injury insurance.

To become a member click here.

Registration is now open

Fun “D” Mentals MTB Skills Course

 DORC is proud to present Australia’s best value mountain bike skills course.

This is a six week course that covers all the fundamentals of mountain bike riding.

The Fun “D” Mentals course is run by two of our DORC instructors. One is qualified with MTBA and is a Level 0 Instructor and the other has MTBA level 1 and also PMBI level 2 Instructor. This will ensure that you get the best mtb instruction available.

Anywhere else in the country this course would cost you around $500 per head. Thanks to DORC we can provide this course to our members for FREE. All you need to do is be a member of DORC and MTBA.

If you are interested in doing the course Register Here

This free 6 week course is for all riders (beginners to advanced) who want to improve their riding skills (you must be a DORC and MTBA member).

Whether you have been riding for 2 weeks or 10 years you can always improve your skills and finesse your style. It is important that you attend all six lessons.

During this course we can adjust all lessons to suite individual riders needs. This course is based on the leading MTB industry standard from PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association).

Fun “D” Mentals

Course Dates

19th Aug – 23rd Sep 2018

Week 1. Sunday 19th Aug: Basic bike maintenance on the trail, bike set up, body position and balance. Easy ride through the old pine forest.

Week 2. Sunday 26th Aug: Revise week 1, braking/cornering, trail scanning. Easy ride through the old pine forest.

Week 3. Sunday 2nd Sep: Revise week 2, wheel lifts, negotiating trail features. Easy ride through the new pine forest.

Week 4. Sunday 9th Sep: Revise week 3. pumping, climbing/descending and switchbacks. Easy ride Charles Darwin.

Week 5. Sunday 16th Sep: Revise week 4. Roll overs, drops, stairs and urban obstacles. Urban ride Darwin City.

Week 6. Sunday 25th Sep: Culmination of all skills incorporated in a ride at a location TBA

All sessions will start at 8:00am Saturday and will be two hours in length, except for week six.

Week six will take between two to three hours to complete.

Participants are required to arrive 15 minutes before the start time to ensure that they are ready to start at 8am.

All participants must be DORC/MTBA members to participate.

Basic requirements will be as follows:

a. MTB in safe working condition (working brakes and gears)

b. safety gear including helmet, full fingered gloves, enclosed shoes and eye protection,

c. spare tube, puncture repair kit, multi/bike tool, pump,

minimum of 2 litres of drinking water, and;

e. Proof of current MTBA membership.

Any questions please contact Geoff and Jo Fox 0427611702

Junior Fun “D” Mentals Course

During the first half of the year DORC ran a three week Junior Fun “D” Mentals Course.

The kids and instructors had a ball and we had some parents/carers along for the ride.

One of our carers put together a great spiel and some photos.

Thanks to Ross for providing this to us.

Keep an eye out on DORC social media for the next junior’s course due to star in October 2018.

The free, three week Junior Fun “D” Mentals course is available to DORC/MTBA members aged between 10 – 17 years.

For the last 3 Sunday mornings I have taken my grandson to the DORC Juniors Skills Training held at the old Pine Forest Howard Springs. The trainers were Geoff and Jo fox and their son Kyle (demo boy) and they all did a fantastic job of helping the participants gain valuable skills to help make their mountain biking safer, smoother and more enjoyable. They were taught about, caring for tracks and environment, bike safety checks, balance, safe and efficient stopping, , observation skills – the near and far, lifting the front wheel, lifting the back wheel, lifting the both wheels, negotiating obstacles. All of this was done in a friendly supportive atmosphere where skills were explained, demonstrated, undertaken with individual feedback and then practiced in a game situation. Each session was finished in a short forest ride to put all those newly leant skills into practice. What a great way to introduce the juniors and encourage them to be enthusiastic about the sport. Well done to Jo, Geoff and Kyle for a very well put together course and for making sure that everyone had a great time while learning these valuable skills. I can highly recommend this course. I have added a few pics with captions about the course. LOTS OF CONCENTRATION AND HAPPY FACES. Excellent work from all involved.

Saturday Arvo Social Ride

This Saturday, 28th July 2018, the DORC social ride will be starting from the Stow Rd entrance to the new Pine Forest.

Please be there at 4:45pm for a 5:00pm start.

We will have a ride through the trails of the New Pine Forest. This ride is for all levels of riders and will be moderately paced. There will be plenty of stops to re-group, have a drink and a chat or catch your breath if required.

You will need a mtb in good working order, helmet, plenty of water and any spares that you think you might require.

There is no requirement to be a DORC member, however you will be riding at your own risk.

Trail upgrades. Charles Darwin and Lee Point


Hi All Darwin Mountain Bikers.

Trail upgrades to the Charles Darwin (CDNP) and Lee Point (CCR) trails networks.

This is a significant investment by PWCNT and the NTG to our formalised trail network and we thank them for it.

This will include new trails, upgrades and all weathering of existing trails, re-routing, trail rationalisation and signage.

There will be minor trail closures as part of this, mainly of unsustainable trails, or part of the trail network rationalisation.


DORC has been significantly involved in the development of the scope of works for the contract with Trailscapes (SA) which has commenced yesterday, Monday the 23rd July and the duration of the contract is 14 weeks.

During this period a majority of trails in both areas will have some work on them including the Pumphouse trails.

Trailscapes’ programme will be finalised over the next week and more detail will be advised as it becomes available.

The plan is as follows:

  • They will have three crews working between Charles Darwin and Lee Point.
  • Each crew will work on a “Trail” and during this time that trail will be closed. The intention is to complete all work including signage, then open the “trail” before moving onto the next trail, this will minimise the amount of the network that is closed at any one time.
  • DORC will be providing update when they become available.


We all need your help (Trailscape, DORC and PWCNT) during the coming 14 weeks:

  • Never cross any trail closure signage, no matter your curiosity. This is for your and the work crews safety. (This was a significant problem during the construction of the Lee Point trails, Spitfire and Wirraway)
  • Please be patience whilst the closure are in place, as the aim is to make the trails more sustainable and durable for most weather conditions into the future. (Except for the grass and growth encroaching on the trails, that is the responsibility of all riders and will be coordinated by DORC)
  • Please don’t approach TrailScapes (The Contractor). This is a project that is being Managed by The Department of Infrastructure and Planning on behalf of Parks and Wildlife Commission NT (PWCNT).  PWCNT have a Technical expert which will be signing off on all works, with support from DORC as required.


Thanks to all for your support and I’m like you very excited to get out and ride our trails once they are finished.


  • Be a DORC, Support your club that is supporting your trails.

Junior Social Ride

Sunday 22nd July 2018

The junior social ride is on again.

This week we will meet at the shed entrance to the new pine forest.

Opposite the Howard Springs Reserve entrance on Howard Springs Rd.

Meeting time will be 3:45pm for a 4:00pm start

The ride will last for approx 1.5 hours.

You will need a bike in good working order, helmet, gloves, enclosed shoes and plenty of water.

If you are 10 years old or younger, please bring a parent or carer with you for the ride.

If you are not a DORC/MTBA member you will be riding at your own risk.

Skills Course

Half Day MTB Skills Course

Negotiating Trail Features

Sunday 29th July 2018

8:00 am – 12:00 noon

New Pine Forest Howard Springs

DORC will be running a half day clinic for beginner to intermediate MTB riders who are interested in building on their skill set so that they can ride smoother, faster, safer and with more control.

The course will be run by qualified MTBA, PMBIA instructors and will cover negotiating trail features.

You will learn how to:

    • use your body position to get more from your bike,

    • lift the front/back wheel, both wheels, and

    • negotiate trail features ( rollovers, logs, rocks and roots, etc) with confidence and finesse.

This clinic is for beginner to intermediate riders who would like to improve their skills in negotiating trail features.

Riders wishing to attend this course must be over 18 years of age and be members of DORC and MTBA.

The session will cost $50 per person with all proceeds going to DORC.

Places are limited to 8 riders.

Register for the course here

For more information contact Geoff Fox 0427611702 or


Saturday Arvo Social Ride

If you are not travelling to Katherine for the 4 hour race this Saturday afternoon and you would still like to get out and about on your mountain bike, never fear.

DORC will be holding a social ride on Saturday 14th July 2018. This week we will be riding the Old Pine Forest at Howard Springs.

Meeting at the entry to the Old Pine Forest, on the left side of Howard Springs Rd approx 200m past the Stow Rd intersection.

Arrive at 4:45pm for a 5:00pm start. This will be an easy ride that is suited to all level of riders. There will be plenty of breaks to regroup and have a chat or catch your breath if required.

You will need a mtb in good working order, a helmet, enclosed shoes and plenty of water to get you through.

All riders are welcome. If you are not a DORC/MTBA member you are riding at your own risk.


DORC Saturday Social Ride

This Saturday, 7th July 2018, DORC will run a social ride at the new pine forest, Howard Springs.

Starting from the Stow Rd entrance at 4:45pm for a 5:00pm start.

This is for riders of all ability and there will be stops to regroup along the way.

Ride time will be approx 1.5hrs.

Please ensure that you have a MTB in good working order, helmet, and enclosed foot wear. Bring plenty of water




Thanks to all who were involved in this event. Timers, first aiders, marshals and photographers. Thanks to Tracy Village sports club for having us after day 1. Thanks to One Mile brewery and Eggy 500 for having us for presentations.

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Trevor Page was out with his camera yesterday. Check out his Flickr album HERE