Half Day MTB Skills Course -Introduction to Trail Features and Wheel Lifts 15/4/18

 Half Day MTB Skills Course

Introduction to Trail Features and Wheel Lifts

Sunday 15th April 2018

8:00 am – 12:00 noon

The New Pine Forest, Howard Springs.

DORC will be running a half day clinic for  MTB riders who are interested in                    riding smoother, faster, safer and with more control.

The course will be run by qualified MTBA (Mountain Biking Australia) and                        PMBIA  (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association) instructors and will              cover wheel lifts and negotiating trail features.

You will learn how to:

  • use your body position and balance to get more from your bike,
  • lift the front/back wheels, and
  • negotiate trail features (logs, rocks, rollovers, etc).

This course is aimed at the beginner to intermediate rider and will give you the               ability to  negotiate trail features with confidence and finesse.

Riders wishing to attend this course must be over 18 years of age and be                        members of DORC and MTBA.

The session will cost $50 per person with all proceeds going to DORC.

Places are limited to 8 riders.

For more information contact Geoff  and Jo Fox 0427611702 or                                       gj.fox@bigpond.com




One thought on “Half Day MTB Skills Course -Introduction to Trail Features and Wheel Lifts 15/4/18

  1. Hi,
    We are away for the long weekend but are really keen to join this course.
    I’ll be home tomorrow night to be able to access our MTBA details, in the mean time could you hold two places for my wife Anne and myself?
    We are both DORC and MTBA members

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