Good Guys Two Hour

The DORC Racing season is set to commence with the running of the Good Guys Two Hour race.

getready-20130428-161248Online registration now open.    
Online Registration: Members: $5, Non-members: $30
Raceday Registration: Members: $10, Non Members: $35

Where: Berrimah Hills
When: Sunday 11 May
Registration: 3.30pm, Start: 4pm

Format: 2 hour race.  Ride as many laps as you can in 2 hours

Participation options:

  • ride as many or as few laps as you like
  • form a team and share the load

Here’s a preview map of the course:

View 2014 Good Guys 2 Hour Course in a larger map

Refreshments available.

Volunteer call!  We’re always looking for volunteers to help either on race day, or with setup earlier.  Track markers, timekeepers, sausage sizzlers, and photographers are always welcome.  If you’re supporting a friend or family member, come along and help.

Still not sure? See the DORC race details page.

5 thoughts on “Good Guys Two Hour

  1. Went to pre register for the 2 hour upon completion of the form the total was $50.00 broken into $30.00 for the race and $20.00 for the MTBA race day licences is this correct, I was under the assumption that the event was only $30.00 inclusive

  2. Hi Keogh,
    Not sure what happened for you, but you are correct non MTBA member rego is $30.00. I tested the website link and it looks like its working. So perhaps try again.
    Look forward to seeing you at the race.
    Regards Mike

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  4. Hi when I registered for this event it also came up as $50 it tried this a couple of times and each time it came up the same. In the end I paid the full $50 as I thought there was something I was missing, if this is not the case is it possible to get reimbursed or at leased credited towards the next event?

  5. Hi Scott, Kevin here i have just tested the link and have had no issues. If you bring a receipt with you i’m sure we can work something out, or we would have a list of people and payments made i’m guessing.

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