Cyclezone 3 hour-results

Thanks everybody for coming along and braving the dust and pea gravel!!  I know I’ll be clearing the lungs of dust for the next few days!!

Cheers to Tony and the team for their ongoing hardwork to keep the Pine Forest trails in tip top condition. Remember if you can spare some time Sunday morning he would greatly appreciate some help to clear the section known as the Boulevard. 10 AM meet at the old shed car park site, just before Howard Springs road turns Into Gunn Point road.

Thanks to St Johns ambulance for being on site. No major incidents to report thankfully! Cheers Dave and Col for bringing the portaloo and lighting.

Big round of applause to all volunteers who helped setup, mark and run this race. We were running on a skeleton crew today. Thank you all for your patience.

Results are below. There are a handful of errors that need to be corrected. So, I’ll get to it over the next couple of days.

Stay tuned for some ENDURO racing next….

CLICK HERE to view results

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