Ladies Preview Ride

Hi ladies, Jo Fox will be hosting a preview ride of the Cycle Zone 3 Hour race circuit on Saturday 20th May at 4pm.

She will be meeting riders on the corner of Howard Springs Road across from the Nature Park entrance at 4pm for a 4.15pm start.

The track is approximately a 6km loop and Jo will also show you how to access the race parking. The ride should take about 1 & 1/2 hours.

This ride is for ladies only who are planning on attending the race. It will be a no drop ride and suitable for all levels.

Please ensure you have spares, helmet and water.

If you have any questions please contact Camilla on 0439872465

Howard Springs-Results

Hi all. Thankyou all who came along to the 2 hour on Saturday. Just wanted to say it was a record breaker for us!!! We had 141 entrants sign on to cut some new laps. There was also a slight course modification which saw the back fire road removed and some sweet as new singletrail put in.

Results part 1-As most of you are aware we have a brand new shiny timing system. This thing is seriously powerful and could launch space shuttles!! We are still trying to work out the software supplied with it so thankyou for your patience.

Results part 2-As the above system is new to us and learning is an ongoing process with it, we did have the webscorer software on the ipad running to time the race. As we had so many competitors there is understandably a few errors that need manual correction. The app works on tapping an icon with the race number as you come by the timing tent. With so many coming by in groups it wouldve been a nightmare keeping tracof them all. Again thankyou for your patience results will be out soon.

Results part 3- I must make an apology to the juniors that raced the pairs category. I entered the race info incorrectly and have not been able to give results as yet. I am working on it and will release them ASAP

Massive thanks go out to the volunteer team, marking, timing, building, admin, First aid BBQ team. Well done.

Thanks to Bikes Fit, Blue Cycles Palmerston and Coconut Grove, Cyclezone, K9 cycles and Spokes NT for kindly providing some vouchers for lucky door prizes.

Lastly thanks to Tony Ede and the team at Quality Meats Palmerston for donating the BBQ meats. Get in and check them out for your next BBQ

The next event is a pairs only race to be held at Lee Point. It will be held on 23/4/2017. More details will be out soon so stay tuned to our page for updates, and start looking for a partner to tear up the trails with.




Trail Closures Charles Darwin

As you may have heard Dirt Art (facebook) or WEB, are coming to Darwin to construct some new trails in Charles Darwin National Park. In saying that there will be some sections of trail closed for access for minimum 3 weeks. Closures could be in place from the 10/4/2015 (Friday). If you are riding in the park in this time and come across one of these signs please respect it and do not cross into it.

IMBA Newsletter and City of Darwin Grant

Keep track of all things mountain biking with seasonal newsletters from the IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association). There is a small report on there recent visit to Charles Darwin National Park. A trail audit was performed in order to make recommendations on how to make it safe, sustainable and fun for all levels of riders.

On the topic of track maintenance and building Paul has secured a small grant from the Darwin City Council and has used the funds to purchase a selection of shiny new tools for people to use on our up coming trail building and maintenance days. So if you have always wanted to attend the maintenance days but never had tools we’ve got you covered!

image (9) image (10)


Save the Howard Springs Pine Forest Trails

Save the Howard Springs Pine Forest Trails

To the NT Planning Commission,

RE           Towards a Darwin Regional Land Use Plan 2014

Maintaining the Howard Springs Pine Forest Rural Activity Centres
Por. 055 2821, 430 Howard Springs Rd. Current zone type LAPRL1
Sec. 055 05623, 145 Howard Springs Road. Current zone type LAPCP


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President’s Update

Chris Hanson, DORC PresidentHi Fellow Mountain bikers….

As the dry is leaving us in its dusty wake, so now is the time to start waterproofing bikes and stocking up on brake pads for the oncoming mud feast that is the wet…..

There has been some big news behind the DORC ride scene, some that you maybe aware of and some you may not…


NT Government Grass Roots Grant – Trail Maintenance

The club was lucky enough to secure a Sport’s and Recreation Grass Roots Grant off the government early this year. This was used to bring Marty Krieg from the International Mountain Bicycling Association Australia (IMBA) up to Darwin to run a two-day trail maintenance workshop. Marty works as a trails consultant with (IMBA) and by all accounts it was a very well run and attended course.

The club also applied for the Sport and Recreational Facilities and Capital Equipment Grant for a “trail audit” of Charles Darwin National Park (CDNP) which we where successful in receiving. What this means is that a comprehensive assessment of all our existing and unauthorised tracks throughout CDNP will be mapped and advice will be given on the necessary upgrades to ensure safe and sustainable use for all trail uses. So the club will be working closely with the NT Parks and Wildlife Commission and IMBA to make this happen.

Social Rides!

Time to climb onto the soapbox…

I’ve been hearing around the traps that there are not enough social rides happening and too many race types of events! As a committee we are happy to knowledge this feedback. Remember though that the Committee is a group of volunteers and there are only so many hours in one day to get jobs done. The committee has been working hard to get funding for our MTB tracks, organising guests to visit Darwin to teach MTB skills and of course organizing racing. The committee are finding it hard to give extra time to make social rides happen!

In the past we have asked and even chased people up to lead social rides with limited success. So the committee has decided to try a different approach to get more social rides happening… the club is going to pay you to lead a social ride! That’s right, pay you cold hard cash! Well not quite. There will be a $30 gift voucher to your choice of bike shop in Darwin for every ride you lead.

I can hear you say “I don’t have the skills” or “I’m not quick enough to lead a ride”. If you’re thinking this then you’re missing the point of a social ride! It’s social, its about taking other people around your favorite track, place or pub (if that’s your thing) at a leisurely pace, being social and enjoying the ride for the ride…

The Darwin Off Road Cyclists club is not owned by the committee, its owned by “YOU” the club members! So help make DORC a great fun club to be a part of and lead a social ride… Please…

Now here is the fine print:

  • to eligible for the gift voucher you need to be a club member;
  • the ride needs to be on a weekend; and
  • the club needs to be informed a minimum of a week in advance so we can advertise it.

DORC will only be handing out one gift voucher per weekend – so you need to book your ride in early! There is a new document on how to lead a ride on the website which gives you the run down on the do’s and dont’s of how to lead a social ride.

Last but not least, a big thank-you to the committee members for all their hard work in running the club.

Yours in the dirt,
Chris Hanson