Cyclezone 3 Hour-26/5/2018

Time to dust off your bike, and get ready for Darwin’s biggest MTB event!!

The Cycle Zone three hour is DORC’s most popular event, a day/night race in the new Howard Springs Pine Forest. PARKING AND COURSE MAP HERE

The track is easy, and the riding is fun.  If you haven’t done a DORC race before, this is the time to start, ride for 1, 2 or 3 hours. Ride as many, or as few laps as you like, or form a team of 2 or 3 to share the load and rip some fast laps!!


When:  Saturday 26th May 2018
Register:        CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Race Start:  4:15
Where:  Howard Springs Pine Forest, New. PARKING AND COURSE MAP
Difficulty: As fast as you want to go

Course distance of 8.7 Km. Very achievable for all levels of riders and a great fun flowing course.

Entry Fees

DORC / MTBA members: $5 online pre-registration via

NON-DORCMembers: $30  (Covers race entry + day license/MTBA insurance)


Instead of shelling out $25 for each race you enter, consider DORC/MTBA membership before the race!  Check out the details and benefits.

Regulations and Rules:

Riders should carry puncture repair kits, water, mobile phone(with first aid numbers) and food with them whilst riding. Helmet must be worn at all times whilst riding. It is also advisable to have gloves and eye protection as well.

Front white light are required to be carried after 18:00, it must be of an intensity that enables the rider to safely ride at night. A rear red light is to be carried, preferable non – flashing.

At any time a competitors comes across a fellow rider needing assistance you shall render any assistance that is required.

Cut Off:

Riders will not be permitted to go out on the course after 18:00 without front and rear lights. Riders will be permitted to go out on a final lap at any time before 19:15.

The ride is a 3-hr, but you may finish the prior to the two-hour mark. If you decide to finish prior to the two hours, please tell the timing people that you have finished, sign off and return your race number.


Saturday, 26th May 2018

15:00 Sign on and plate collection opens
16:10 Rider briefing
16:15 Race start all riders
18:00 Lights must be on the bike
19:15 Course closed
19:45 Presentations

BBQ will be running while the race is running and drinks will be available as well.

Car parking:

Event hub will be in the pine forest this year. Follow Howard Springs road until it turns into Old Gunn Point road, then turn RIGHT into the forest.  There will be sign to mark it.

Beginners Welcome!

If you’re considering entering your first MTB race event, and would like some more information, check out our Race Ettiquette (or why should I race?) page.

Volunteers Welcome

Helping hands are always welcome at our events, assistance at race control with registration and timekeeping, or help with the bbq.  It’s volunteer help that makes the event possible, and turns it from an average to great event. Volunteers will be given free entry to any DORC event of there choice. Register your interest to volunteer or contact Kevin 0410249593

Geoff Fox’s FunDmentals skills course

Fun “D” Mentals

Mountain Bike Skills Course

12th May – 25th Jun 2018

This free 6 week course is for all riders (beginners to advanced) who want to improve their riding skills (you must be a DORC and MTBA member).

Whether you have been riding for 2 weeks or 10 years you can always improve your skills and finesse your stylle

During this course we can adjust all lessons to suite all riders. This course is based on the leading MTB industry standard from PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association).


Fun “D” Mentals

Course Dates

12th May – 25th Jun 2018

Week 1.  Saturday 12th May: Basic bike maintenance on the trail, bike set up, body position and balance. Easy ride through the old pine forest.


Week 2. Saturday 19th May: Revise week 1, braking/cornering, trail scanning. Easy ride through the old pine forest.




Week 3. Saturday 2nd Jun:  Revise week 2, wheel lifts,  negotiating trail features. Easy ride through                                             the new pine forest.


Week 4. Saturday 9th Jun: Revise week 3. pumping, climbing/descending and switchbacks. Easy                                   ride Charles Darwin.


Week 5. Saturday 16th Jun: Revise week 4. Roll overs, drops, stairs and urban obstacles. Urban ride                                           Darwin City.


Week 6. Saturday 25th Jun: Culmination of all skills incorporated in a ride at the either Lee Point or                                             Charles Darwin National Park.



All sessions will start at 8:00am Saturday and will be two hours in length, except for week six.

Week six will take between two to three hours to complete.


Participants are required to arrive 15 minutes before the start time to ensure that they are ready to start at 8am.

All participants must be DORC/MTBA members to participate.

Basic requirements will be as follows:

  1. MTB in safe working condition (working brakes and gears)
  2. safety gear including helmet, full fingered gloves, enclosed shoes and eye protection,
  3. spare tube, puncture repair kit, multi/bike tool, pump,

minimum of 2 litres of drinking water, and;

  1. Proof of current MTBA membership.


Any questions please contact Geoff and Jo Fox 0427611702


Saturday Social Ride-21/4/18

SOCIAL RIDE. This Saturday afternoon 21st April 2018. Preview of the Lee Point Pairs Race course. There will be two options to start this ride. Option 1 is 4:15 pm opposite the Beachfront Hotel for a 4:30pm start. Option 2 is 5:00pm start at Race HQ which is opposite the entry point to the Lee Point Caravan Park.
From Race HQ the ride will follow the course set out for Sunday’s Pairs Race.
You will need a MTB in good working order, helmet, gloves and plenty of water. Lee Point is known for biting insects. Don’t forget the bug spray or cover up.

BOAB Design 2 hour-Results

I must start off by apologising for the confusion with the start order. It will be sorted for next event.

As usual our volunteers have done a stellar job on organising and running this event. Cheers guys and girls for all your efforts.

Thanks to Brett and the team at BOAB Design. They’ve put in a significant amount of work on an upcoming campaign to spread awareness of our club and activities in order to boost our membership base. Keep an eye out for that and spread the word where you can. #beadoec #imadorc

Results can be viewed HERE

Notice of special resolution.

Notice of intention to propose a special resolution at the Annual General Meeting of Darwin Off Road Cyclists (DORC) Inc

If you have read the President’s report you will have noticed how much the Club has achieved over the last year, with 14 committee members sharing the load of organising rides, holding events, running skills courses, building and maintaining trails, and administering the Club. However, if you read the fine print of the DORC constitution you would think that we had a Chairperson rather than a President and that there were only four members of the committee.

To make the constitution better reflect what the Club is doing, it is intended to propose the following special resolution at the Annual General Meeting on 9 December 2017 at 6pm at the Tracey Village Social and Sports Club:

That the Constitution of the Darwin Off Road Cyclists Association Inc. be amended by:

(a)  replacing ‘Chairperson’ with ‘President’ and ‘Vice-Chairperson’ with ‘Vice-President’ wherever they occur; and

(b)  in the Schedule to the Constitution, Part 3 – Additional Details, replace “[List additional office holders.]” with “10 General Committee Members”.

Presidents Report 2017

Darwin Off Road Cycling Presidents report for 2017

Hi Fellow Mountain bikers.

As we are now well and truly into the build-up and approaching silly season we are due to have the DORC’s AGM, which is scheduled for 9 December. This coincides with our Christmas ride, so dust off your Santa suit and get ready for a good afternoon of fun.  The ride will leave at 16:00 opposite the Lee point Caravan Park and will be followed by the AGM at Tracy Village around 18:00 to usher in the new committee members who will drive the club forward in 2018.

This year the club has achieved a lot of great results, but the most exciting of these was the licence to use the land adjacent CDNP with the plans to create and build an additional 25km of trails. This gives the club a real future focus point, and gives the off road cycling community ownership of something tangible and highly visible. The club hopes the activity will attract members to our great club, so we can achieve our goal of creating great new tracks for all to use. To this end the club will continue with our ‘Be a DORC, I’m a DORC’ membership campaign to assist in securing the funding required to build these tracks.

I would like to run through some of the clubs achievements for 2017, so everyone can fully appreciate what has been going on behind the scenes.

This year the club has run:

  • 19 social rides ;
  • 8 ladies only rides;
  • 12 skill courses consisting of ;
    • 3 x 6 week Fun D Mentals
    • 1 x Junior Fun D Mentals
    • 5 x ½ day courses
    • 3 x Women’s specific ½ day course
  • 6 official maintenance days in CDNP with over 250 hours of maintenance work carried out to the tracks and weed spraying; and
  • 7 race events with 145 people (!) as the best turn out;

The club has also had significant funding success, securing Northern Territory Government funds that have allowed us to purchase:

  • BBQ trailer;
  • Timing system;
  • Gamba grass weed spraying of CDNP (on going); and
  • Coaching up grade course for members.

The Committee have continued to be highly active (and I must say very hardworking!) and have:

  • Had 12 meetings;
  • Updated the clubs constitution;
  • Lodged a submission to get MTB into the Aurfura games (we missed out);
  • Employed and paid for the service of Ground Creations to create a Trail concept plan;
  • Liaison with NT Parks (MOU on going), and NT Government for trail advocacy;
  • Secured the licence to use the land adjacent of CDNP;
  • Ongoing strategic planning; and
  • Increase membership to 194 members (this is awesome number by the way)

In terms of the agenda for next year, the club has a lot planned, including:

  • Increasing new memberships;
  • A dry storage facilities for our ever expanding equipment stash;
  • Securing funding for the addition of 20 – 25 km of trails;
  • Continue to collaboration with CARR for the two clubs combined to achieve Peak Sporting Body status, and thus access to significant additional ongoing Government funding;
  • Getting a junior program up and running for the club; and
  • Social rides.

On behalf of the all the DORC members I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every committee member. The time and energy that they have devoted to the club so all club activities could run smoothly and efficiently is outstanding.  Their personal contributions means increased enjoyment of mountain biking around Darwin for all of us. Thank you again.


The 2017- committee members:

Emma Winterflood

Bill Murphy

Andrew Goldsworthy

Adrian Curry

Francene Anderson

Keogh Conboy

Camilla Wells

Kevin Wells

Dave Russell

Debbie Hall

Michael Gough

Russell Keith

Geoff Fox


I would like to encourage anyone who has a passion for mountain biking and would like to give back to our community to seriously consider become a committee member and help the club move into this exciting future expansion.  In particular the club is in need of a junior development person who can create a program from scratch.


Be a DORC, I’m a DORC.




Chris Hanson

President of Darwin Off Road Cyclists

Message from the president.

DORC has just secured the lease for land adjacent Charles Darwin National Park to build our own tracks. This does not mean that it is now a free for all to build tracks.  The club is taking a measured approach to make the most of the available land (heritage/cultural) to build the best possible tracks for the entire cycling community.  As many may be aware, the club has engaged the services of Ground Creations to create a master plan for the expansion and development of trails in the licenced land area.  If all the planets align, trail construction could start next dry – ‘funding dependant’.

Throughout the years DORC has operated largely in the background: running events; maintaining, building, advocating for tracks; running skill sessions; and generally supporting the off-road biking scene in the top end. During this time DORC has not really pushed for people to formally join the club – some perceive it as an unnecessary cost with no perceived benefit – why take out a membership to ride on a free track?  As such, formal membership of the club has remained modest.

But as the President of DORC I am now asking (nay begging) that top end MTB’ers reading this message become an advocate for DORC in two ways: become a club member and a vocal supporter of our sport.

The club estimates we need around a “bucket of cash” for the creation of an extra 20 – 25km of trails and a skills park on the newly acquired land.  This sort of money is not beyond the capacity of the club to raise, but it is going to take some time and your support.  Currently only a small section of track could be built at any one time: our hope is we can secure government funding to build it all in one go.

Historically DORC has internally measured our success by the numbers of participants turning up to events/rides/maintenance and riders out on the tracks with smiles on their dials.  As such, we think we are doing a great job!  Sadly however, when it comes to securing Government funding it is a ‘membership numbers game’ and the Government needs to see the club’s member numbers are high to get the sort of funding needed to build the new tracks.

So – the club is asking a big favour, sort of a crowd funding idea, but instead of just giving the club money we are asking you to join the club.  This is primarily because once DORC reaches 400 members it will be automatically eligible for funding from the government each year guaranteed. But also by joining you personally get great benefits of personal insurance, and the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you are supporting the club, mountain biking in Australia, and fast tracking the new track work.

The club has 175 members currently; we need that extra 225 people to sign on to start receiving this funding. If we get more people sign on great: it is all about power in numbers.  There are several different memberships: non-riding; recreational; junior; Dirtmaster; and race.  Please sign for the full year.

So when you’re out on the track and you see others riding: ask them if they are a DORC.


Chris Hanson

President of DORC




Howard Springs-Results

Hi all. Thankyou all who came along to the 2 hour on Saturday. Just wanted to say it was a record breaker for us!!! We had 141 entrants sign on to cut some new laps. There was also a slight course modification which saw the back fire road removed and some sweet as new singletrail put in.

Results part 1-As most of you are aware we have a brand new shiny timing system. This thing is seriously powerful and could launch space shuttles!! We are still trying to work out the software supplied with it so thankyou for your patience.

Results part 2-As the above system is new to us and learning is an ongoing process with it, we did have the webscorer software on the ipad running to time the race. As we had so many competitors there is understandably a few errors that need manual correction. The app works on tapping an icon with the race number as you come by the timing tent. With so many coming by in groups it wouldve been a nightmare keeping tracof them all. Again thankyou for your patience results will be out soon.

Results part 3- I must make an apology to the juniors that raced the pairs category. I entered the race info incorrectly and have not been able to give results as yet. I am working on it and will release them ASAP

Massive thanks go out to the volunteer team, marking, timing, building, admin, First aid BBQ team. Well done.

Thanks to Bikes Fit, Blue Cycles Palmerston and Coconut Grove, Cyclezone, K9 cycles and Spokes NT for kindly providing some vouchers for lucky door prizes.

Lastly thanks to Tony Ede and the team at Quality Meats Palmerston for donating the BBQ meats. Get in and check them out for your next BBQ

The next event is a pairs only race to be held at Lee Point. It will be held on 23/4/2017. More details will be out soon so stay tuned to our page for updates, and start looking for a partner to tear up the trails with.




MTBSkills Course. Cancelled.

Unfortunately, the MTBskills course with Jess and Norm Douglas has been cancelled. This is due to conflicting business commitments for Jess and Norm.

We know how well received the event was last year, and how many people were looking forward to this years courses, and share your disappointment.

DORC will schedule another event for the weekend, likely to be a single day event on the Sunday, and will follow up with Jess and Norm to see if they’re available for more (warm and sunny) MTB Skills in July 2015.