BOAB Design 2 hour-Results

I must start off by apologising for the confusion with the start order. It will be sorted for next event.

As usual our volunteers have done a stellar job on organising and running this event. Cheers guys and girls for all your efforts.

Thanks to Brett and the team at BOAB Design. They’ve put in a significant amount of work on an upcoming campaign to spread awareness of our club and activities in order to boost our membership base. Keep an eye out for that and spread the word where you can. #beadoec #imadorc

Results can be viewed HERE

One thought on “BOAB Design 2 hour-Results

  1. You did well to claw back to the front of the race Kev – you can see in that video posted of the start you me and kate had a started a minute behind that other group. A good arvo’s race otherwise. Thanks – catch you at the next one. Cam

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