Bikes, beers and lights

Nite ride this Friday 5th October.

6.30pm start from One Mile Brewery, then over to Charles Darwin NP for a lap or two of the newly built Pump track. From here we will explore the newly designed Pump House Trail. This ride is suitable for intermediate level riders who are confident riding technical rocky terrain (in the dark).

Good quality lights essential as is a helmet, spares and water. Ride duration will be 1.5 -2.0 hours, depending on numbers. Drinks at One Mile Brewery after.

See you there.


Lee Point Nite Ride. Friday 25th August

This Friday meet at the Darwin Surf Club, Casuarina Coastal Reserve @ 6.15pm for a 6.30pm get away. The plan is to head into the Coastal Reserve and ride The Blair Witch Trail and any others that get in our way.

The ride finishes at the Surf Club, where you can grab some dinner or a refreshing beverage. Ride distance will be around 20km maximum, and is suitable for intermediate level riders. Please have adequate lights, water, spares, helmet and snacks.

Blue Cycles 2hr track preview. Sat 19th August

This Saturday afternoon Keogh will be leading a preview ride of the Blue Cycles 2 hour track at Charles Darwin National Park. The ride starts from the Park entrance @5pm, so best be there by 4.45pm. Keogh plans to do a couple of laps the course then flick the rad switch on some of CDNP’s other tracks if your keen. Ride time around 1.5hrs, with lots of stops for talking crap and having a laugh.

Make sure that you have a properly serviced bike, helmet, snacks and spares. And maybe some coins for sneaky drink at the Winnellie Tavern after. And remember “don’t be such a roadie”

Night Rides are back. Wednesday 16th August

After a break over the School Holidays, night rides make a return to the DORC calendar. This week the plan is to cut some laps of CDNP, specifically, Spitfire, 3 Sisters and maybe a lap of the Blue Cycles 2 hour course (if Keogh shows up and tells me where to go).

Meet at the Winnellie Tavern carpark (rear) at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. Lights, helmet, water and spares are required. This ride is not suited to beginners. Refreshing beverages available at the Winnellie Tavern following the ride. Might also be a good idea to bring some insect repellant.

Urban Night Ride Wed 7th June

Rumour has it that Lola’s Pergola has recently recieved a delivery of 900 litres of Stone and Wood beer. It is our responsibility to track the origins of the rumour and confirm it’s validity. To that end we will meet @ 6.15pm in the Cullen Bay carpark (first on the left) for a 6.30pm departure. We’ll head out past the Casino, through the Botanic Gardens, then back through the city for some fun and games.

Lights and helmet are essential. Ride distance will be around 20km. Obviously we will finish at Lola’s Pergola to confirm if the rumour is true.

Lee Point Night Ride. Wednesday 24th May

This weeks ride starts at 1/3 Hope Court (Kev’s House). Meet at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. The plan will be to ride out to Lee Point and tackle the Blair Witch and any other trail that gets in our way. This will be an intermediate ride and not suitable for beginners.

Please ensure that you have adequate lights, helmet, spares and water. Following the ride we’ll head back to Kev’s house for a recovery beverage. Please note this ride is BYO drinks.

Friday Night Under Lights Ride. Friday 12th May

Something different this week. A Friday nite ride. Meet at the Palmerston Tavern water tower, Goyder Square at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm departure. We’ll head out along the Palmerston Escarpment track then on to the Pine Forest for a lap of the DORC 3 hour race course.  Ride distance around 30km.

Please ensure that you have good quality lights, water and spares. Following the ride join us for refreshments at the Palmerston Tavern.

Urban Nite Ride Wednesday 5th April

This weeks nocturnal adventure starts at the Darwin bowls club @ 6.30pm.  Meet in the carpark out the back @ 6.15pm. From here we’ll head for Cullen Bay, Darwin City then back to the bowls club for a cool drink. If the China town carpark is open we’ll have a no pedal race to the bottom.

Lights are essential as is a helmet, spares, water and spare change for a post ride drink. This ride has no set route. The object is to ride stairs, drops and urban obstacles with a few skids and wheelies thrown in for extra fun.

Night Ride Wedneday 1st Feb

This Wednesday’s nocturnal adventure will be to the Howard Springs Pine Forest. Meet at the Palmerston Water tower at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start. Our route will take in the Spokes Track then a reverse lap of the old Pine Forest track, before heading back to the Palmy Tavern along the escarpment track for a cooling beverage.

Ride distance will be around 25km, with some difficult sections encountered on the Spokes Track. Please ensure you have lights, spares, helmet and water.

See you on Wednesday.